Ok, so this will be the third time I have tried to start a blog in my life, and maybe, as they say, the third time is the charm, or, since I am doing it as part of my job and will get yelled at if I don’t keep it up, that might be a bigger motivator to me. I really like food, a lot, and who doesn’t besides those six foot tall runway models, and believe it or not, it was one of my motivating factors for taking this job almost ten years ago. That’s a whole different issue though.

I am not what I would call a “foodie” who knows everything there is to know about food, or a Andrew Zimmerman who will try just about anything under the sun. I am not as cynical about things as Anthony Bourdain, although I do like his books and his shows. There are certain things I don’t like to eat, onions, being a big one, and I am not a huge fish fan, although I like crab legs and the occasional grilled salmon, but don’t expect to read about me eating haggis on this site, not even close.

Here I hope to write about food I come across in my travels as a photographer for the paper, and believe me, I have come across some good food in my time here, as well as some of my own creations, what I think about them, how to get them, and maybe a bit of how they relate in life at the time of their consumption.

Growing up my parents always said I had a hollow leg, well, I am about to find out just how hollow it is, as well as a good gym to exercise it at.



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