Birthday Cake

ImageSo I had the privilege last week of making my youngest daughters birthday cake. My wife came up with the idea for it and I got to make it. It brought back memories of the cakes my mom used to make for me for my birthdays. She would always make them from scratch when I was younger, and I remember two designs in particular, a football player and a ninja turtle. Looking back at them now, I don’t know if I appreciated them then as much as I should have, I know I enjoyed eating them, that’s for sure, but hopefully I told her how nice they were, because I still remember them to this day, and I hope that says a lot.

Now that I got to make my daughter’s 5th birthday cake for her, I really tried hard to make it look nice, and I know she liked because she told me she did. Even if she hadn’t told me anything though, I am still happy that I made it for her. For me, it’s sort of like a extra present, but with more heart put in than anything I could buy at the store for her. I made it all from scratch, and though it was a bit drier than what I had hoped for ( baked it about 3 minutes to long ) it still tasted and looked great.

Now I realize not everyone is a top notch cook, and that big fancy cakes and cupcakes are very popular right now, but I will say this, everyone can follow a recipe, and even if it is a box mix, you can still say to your child, I made this for you. And who knows, maybe years from now, she will remember it and say, thanks dad.


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