Family Picnics

When I was younger (boy I keep saying that a lot lately it seems) I was not always the biggest fan of going to family picnics and reunions. Lately though, I have grown to appreciate them more and more, in part because of the variety of food I get to eat.

I just attended one this past weekend for one side of my wife’s family and I must say, I married into a family of good cooks. It was way better than a Chinese buffet. The usual hotdogs were available, but so was pulled pork ( cooked very well ), bbq chicken, a couple different kinds of tasty salads, and my wife’s grandmothers AWESOME blueberry pie ( I must say I behaved myself and only had one piece ). Now I realize that not all families get along as well as mine, I am very lucky for that, but from time to time put differences aside, even if it is just to sit down and have a nice meal together, you would be amazed at what it can do.



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