Strange Voodoo

So as I have said before, I am not the worlds most adventurous eaters, but lately, there have been some unique combinations going on in my house.

Growing up I used to put Ketchup on everything, steak, chicken, pork, potatoes and probably a few other things, although never eggs, that’s just wrong in my book. When I married my wife, I learned that she likes to put peanut butter on her rice, I thought she might have been pregnant, but no, just a normal thing for her. My kids have taken to liking it as well, but I am holding out on trying it, I am afraid if I give in I can’t go back.

Now, there is something that might be just as strange. My youngest recently won a giant bag of Swedish Fish at day care for winning their go fish tournament ( Way To Go Mia! ) So that night she decided to put them on her ice cream, Moose Tracks to be specific. She swore she loved it. The next night, my oldest decides she wants Swedish Fish with caramel syrup on it, nothing else, just a bowl of Swedish Fish with caramel syrup. Of course she ended up liking it, so what did my youngest have the next night, yep, you guessed it. I am flat out refusing to even think of trying it ( well, it is a tempting thought to be honest ) but I won’t let them see me doing it.

What is this world coming to? What’s next, pizza with fish on it? Oh, wait, they have that already and it’s awful.


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