I Ate What?

So my wife loves to tell this story time and again (mostly to embarrass me when possible) and recently I was reminded of it when we found a old recipe. Back in my younger days I did not like zucchini, well, I still really don’t like it unless it is baked in something I don’t know about.

A few years ago when my wife and I were first married, when we had more time in our lives to do things, she used to make what I would call sweet breads. So one day I came home from work, and saw she had made a loaf of bread, so naturally I ate it. After she watched me eat it, she asked my opinion of it, to which I naturally said it was delicious (she does make really good sweet breads) and she said good, I’m glad you like zucchini bread.

It took me a minute or two to get over the initial shock of her statement, and what I had just done, I mean I had years and years under my belt of telling my parents I wouldn’t touch the stuff, and here I was not only eating it, but enjoying it. Of course she had to tell my parents, who obviously laughed at me. It’s all in good fun though, and of course I get the last laugh because I am the one who gets to enjoy it now on a semi regular basis and my parents don’t.

So a couple words of wisdom for everyone out there, just because you don’t like a food cooked one way, doesn’t mean you won’t another way, just add enough sugar and other ingredients to it, and who knows what could happen.


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