So my brother in law, like any good uncle will do, bought my kids a Slurpee machine for Christmas. Not that they really needed it, but it’s fun to have, and hey, with this weather we have been having lately, why not.

So I opened up for the first time last night and knew instantly that I was in trouble. It had a lot of pieces to put together (well, maybe not a lot, but at least a dozen) and that’s never a good sign of something simple. So it did go together fairly well to be honest, but when it came to making the actual Slurpee, that was a whole different story. Granted, I should have read the directions the whole way through before starting to make it, but who really does that ? So after the first one leaked out all over the table, I read what I did wrong, or at least what I thought I did wrong, and tried again. This one at least had some slushy like texture to it, but still was mostly liquid, but after a second attempt, I was not about to do a third.

We gave the kids what we did get out of it, and they enjoyed it a lot, slush or no slush. Lets face it, it was hot out, and the drink was cold, what’s not to like. So I then looked at the directions again, and it told me again what I did wrong. Well at least I have the rest of the summer to get it right, or I can just wait for my engineer brother in law to come for a visit and show me how it’s done.


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