My Bad, well, sort of

I brought my lunch to work today, just like most days, as I am trying to save my pennies. Only problem was that today was the company picnic for the 4th of July, and I obviously forgot, which meant I didn’t bring anything, let alone cook anything. I did however run over to the store to pick up some sweet tea for people to drink, which is at any good picnic, well, at least in the south it is. The problem is though that I write the food blog, and I didn’t bring anything, I mean, that’s like me going out on assignment and not bringing my camera. I honestly felt kinda bad, not bad enough to not eat any of the tasty food, but still, a bit of guild as it was going down.

With that said, the food was delicious, thanks everyone for bringing it in, especially Laura’s baked beans with a ridiculous amount of brown sugar put in, but boy they were tasty. Normally I like to bring dishes I make to events like that, it gives you a chance to talk with people about the food, and show off a little bit to, but mostly, a sense of community.

Picnics around the holidays are great for that. Sitting down with family, sharing a meal in a relaxed environment has been going on since the beginning of man, and ultimately has become a dying event in our fast paced society. As I get older, and yes, I am getting older, I realize the importance of events like this, so parents, make sure you take your kids to family picnics. It gives them a chance, and the rest of their family a chance to get to know them, share stories, even if they are embarrassing, and generally just have fun as a family.

So Happy Fourth of July, whip up your best dish to share, light some sparklers with your kids, be safe, and enjoy.


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