Exercise and Diet….?

I have taken back up running over the past couple of months, and I am up to about 4 miles a crack depending on my schedule and routine. The main reason for this is that to be honest, my pants were getting tight on me and I didn’t like that feeling. Thankfully my pants are now fitting comfortably around my waist now.

So what does this have to do with a food column? Well, without a bit of exercise in your life, you can’t expect to eat what you want and not put on weight. I’m not saying you have to hit the gym everyday or take up running or max out on the bench press every other day. Just simple things like they say, like my wife for example, she likes to exercise while watching Jeopardy a couple nights a week, not only does she get some exercise for her body, but also her brain.

As for dieting, well, I’m not so good at that, hence the exercise. Like last night for example, I went for a 4 mile run, and then rewarded myself with a tasty bowl of ice cream, and it was well deserved I tell you. Dieting is a tricky thing to do, and not easy, but I have been making a conscious effort to only eat one desert a day, maybe two on a bad day.

So start with little things, that’s the best advice I can give you, and celebrate small victories, just not in excess otherwise you’ll have to start all over again.


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