Taking requests


So the other day (now like 2 weeks ago really) I had made a couple loaves of banana bread and decide to bring one of those loaves into the Sunday school class I teach. Now to be perfectly honest, I thought the bread was delicious, and so did most of the class, except for two sisters who said they didn’t like banana bread.

Let me repeat that: they do not like banana bread. I couldn’t believe it, I though surely everyone liked banana bread, but I guess I was wrong, not the first time, nor the last I am sure. So after we got done with our lesson I decided to ask what they might like for a snack next time.

The answer came quickly: Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Icing. Simple, right? Well, actually making it turned out to be pretty simple, but I had to chuckle to myself that it wasn’t a simple item they wanted, not rice krispy treats or chocolate chip cookies. I guess when you know what you like and you’re given a choice you should ask for what you want. That’s what I love about kids, they’re honesty.

My youngest daughter asked me not to long ago why mommy is in charge. I answered her because that’s just how it is. It’s true, I will admit it, my wife is in charge, but I love my wife and don’t mind really, the house stays cleaner that way and everyone is happier, but it was funny to me that my 4 year old picked up on it so easily and had no problems asking about it. Life is simpler that way, ask for what you want, don’t hint at it or expect someone to just know, just ask for it, you may not always get it, but at least you will have a clear answer in the end. Now that I stop and think about it for a second, I guess that’s why my wife tells me exactly what she want’s for birthdays and Christmas every year, hmmm… Maybe I should start doing that….

Anyways, I was off of work for a couple of days last week and before I left, was told that because I was off for a couple of days, I was expected to come back with not just one, but at least 2 different treats for the newsroom. Now, this was said in a joking matter, with a hint of seriousness that if I didn’t bring in a anything I better not show up, but I didn’t mind really. I like my co-workers, even if they just like me for my bake goods, at least I am appreciated for something. So what did I bring in you might wonder? Banana bread and lemon tart and I am proud to say it was all gone by the time I went home.


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