Grow Your Own

Admittedly I do not have much of a green thumb. I know enough to read the directions on the back of the seed packs and that I have to water them, but that’s about it. I am really excited this year though and I am trying to do better. I did a better job weeding the garden for starters. I put up material for the peas and beans to climb onto and grab hold of for support. Also, I put up a metal fence around the garden this year to keep out my enemies, those cute little hippity hoppity creatures my daughters love. Don’t get me wrong, they are cute, and they have families to feed to, but not at my expense is all.

Our garden is not big by any stretch of the imagination, nor has it ever really produced enough of everything we like to keep us from going to the grocery store for items, but it helps. It also helps to teach our daughters lessons that they wouldn’t get otherwise. Also, as the saying goes, it tastes better when you grow it on your own, is so true ( or at least you believe it is).

My other arch nemesis the weeds had better watch out this year. It is still engrained in my memory how they defeated my efforts and over ran my garden last year. This year though I have two secret weapons against them, my 4 and 6 year old daughters. I will send them out like Thing One and Thing Two, (under a watchful eye) and we will wage a victorious campaign on them. So hopefully this year we will be able to fill our table with a few salads from our garden, and enjoy the fruits of our labor, and if not, well, there is always next year, and a new game plan.


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