Pulling No Punches


ImageI recently watched the movie “Fearless” starring Jet Li in which a couple of fight scenes in the movie featured fighters who pulled their punch, and for good reason. I can’t say I am in the mood to do that right now, but just because I could be mean, doesn’t mean I am going to be either.

I stopped for lunch at Wendt’s Pork Palace the other day while on my way to a assignment with high hopes of a very tasty lunch. I like pork bbq, no, love pork bbq. Now I realize there are many different ways people cook their bbq depending on where you live in the country and who makes and what you like. With that in mind there are a couple of things that are essential, and that mainly comes down to the seasonings you use and the time you take to cook it. In this case, the slower the better, until the meat just falls off the bone and melts in your mouth. After that is where personal taste and preference comes greatly into play. Me, personally, I like sweet things, so I like my pork with a nice thick, rich, heavy sweet bbq sauce on it. Some like theirs drier, some like it a bit more vinegary.

So, lets get down to it. I ordered the pork bbq sandwich and some fries to go with it. It looked pretty good when I got it, although I was hoping for a roll rather than a hotdog bun. I took a bite, and was immediately disappointed. The sauce was a bit runny, the seasoning wasn’t quite there, and the amount of grease soaking into the bun made me think of my arteries.

Now the flavor may not have been to my liking, but I will give them credit because the meat was cooked right. It was tender, moist, not chewy, and fell apart like it was supposed to. And yes, I did finish my sandwich, I hate to waste food, and I will say, I did not go away hungry, just disappointed.

I give Wednt’s Pork Palace bbq 3 out of 5.


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