Really Good Chips


ImageLately it seems I have been craving salty goodness to go along with my sweet tooth. I know all of this may catch up with me sooner or later but my wife makes sure I eat a few green things here and there to balance it all out.

I picked up a sweet looking bag of BBQ chips that had a vaguely familiar name, Route 11 Potato Chips (probably because we have a Route 11 in our area) and boy am I glad I did. First, I actually did check the nutrition contents of them, yes, on a bag of chips, and was pleasantly surprised. They were kettle cooked in sunflower seed oil, the salt content was reasonable, and I could actually read the ingredient list without wondering what it was I was eating.

Now there are a few things in my opinion that go into a good chip, crunchiness, flavor, the grease factor, and saltiness. These are some pretty rugged chips, they were thick, super crunchy, and they actually did not fall into a million pieces despite coming in a bag. The BBQ flavor was super, a good combination of spices and tang with a bit of zip as well. For a extremely pleasant surprise, my hands were actually not greasy after I ate them, sure they had a little bit, and some crumbs, but compared to most chips you get, I didn’t feel like my arteries were clogged after I ate them. Now for the salt factor, yes, they did have salt on them, all chips do, but it was not over the top. The flavor of the BBQ and spices actually came through and the salt was just used as a enhancement for them.

I have yet to see these in a grocery store around here, maybe I just haven’t looked hard enough, but these will probably be my go to chips from now on when the craving strikes.

I give them 5 out of 5 chips.




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