To Share…Or Not To Share…


As a general rule of thumb, I always tell my kids to share their toys. It’s just the nice thing to do, and if you don’t share, then no one wants to share with you. Sometimes though sharing can be hard, even for grownups. Like tonight. I am not feeling in a very sharing mood to be perfectly honest.

You see, I tried a new banana bread recipe. Simply said, it’s the best I have ever had. It is not my own recipe, I read about it in a bon appetit magazine my parents gave to me. It’s called Julia’s Best Banana Bread, and I think it should really be called, Julia’s World Best Banana Bread. I’m not sure how to describe it really, I can’t do it justice by any means. It is moist, rich in flavor, sweet, and very banana-e. ( Yes, I know that is not a real word ) A Bakers Notation: The bread does brown up more than some other banana breads I have had, it can even get a bit of a crust on the outside, but I actually found that enjoyable, and it can probably be altered a bit so that does not happen. 

So there’s my dilemma, my family obviously gets to have some, that’s a given, but after that….. See, I always like to share what I cook, to get feedback, and to make others happy, and I suppose I could always make another loaf, but then I would be in the same dilemma as I am now, do I really want to share it. This is not a simple case of all things shiny and new are great, this is love at first bite and I am in deep. Sadly, my belly is telling me not to eat any more of it tonight, but my heart is craving its warmth and flavor. I know that I will catch flack from my co-workers if they read this and I don’t come in with a loaf for them this week, so with that said, I better get some more bananas at the store.

The recipe is a simple one, the best ones usually are. You can find it hear.

See, I am sharing, just not my bread, yet….


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