Lessons Learned

ImageSometimes things seem so simple. That’s generally when you get into trouble. Have a recipe you have made before? Awesome. Be sure to make sure that you have all the ingredients before you begin said recipe, or, end up like me using three different kinds of flour when making cinnamon rolls. Now I will say, they didn’t turn out bad, really, they just weren’t quite the same either. So, lesson learned.

Another lesson I learned last night, never make more dishes than you really want to wash in a night. In our house dishes get done every night, no matter what. Thank goodness for portable dvd players to keep you company though when doing them alone. Not so long ago though, well, long enough, in my bachelor days, it was not completely uncommon for me to let the dishes go a nigh, or two…….. before getting washed (mom, dad, you don’t need to chime in here, I know I know) So guys, once you get married, that’s all done, trust me, I know. Oh, and the other thing, you will be sure to wash them the way she wants them washed, because most likely that is how they are supposed to be washed. Lesson learned.

The third lesson I learned last night was that you should always reward yourself for doing an hour worth of dishes by yourself with a piece of homemade chocolate cake with chocolate mousse frosting. Now, keep in mind, I made the cake from scratch on Sunday, which contributed greatly to the dish count, and it was my third piece, but who’s counting and that’s not really the point, the point is if you have something to look forward to at the end of a tough chore, it may not go by faster, but it sure tastes better in the end.  Lesson learned.Image


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