I Believe …

Image“I believe in the soul, the small of a woman’s back, the hanging curve ball, good scotch….I believe in the sweet spot, chocolate chip cookies, and I believe in long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last for seven days”  and ” I believe in a good night cap after a long day” well, I added that last part into Crash Davis’s Bull Durham speech, but thats ok, I don’t think he would have minded much.

I’ll admit it, I have a thing for dark, mellow, sweet rum, mixed with a bit of coke, and it tastes even better after a long day at work. You see, sometimes we all have things about the job that we hate to like, and sometimes, just don’t like, period. I covered a large fire down in Port Trevorton today, and when I say large, it was the biggest fire I have photographed in my 10 years on the job. Thankfully no one was hurt, buildings and business’s can be rebuilt, and the owners seemed to have the right attitude about it. The thing is though, when I go to a fire like that, I can’t help but get a adrenaline rush. It almost always makes for good photos, and in this case, some really good photos, but the cost is high. I don’t like the fact that sometimes good work comes at the loss of others, but as my colleagues know, it comes with the territory in this line of work. We all have our own ways of handling it, hopefully always with professionalism, and we all have our own ways of dealing with it afterwords. It’s not really the glamour part of our job. 

So tonight, I am going to have a night cap or two, find something enjoyable to do, and spend some time with my wife. Sadly enough, I was not the only one in the office to have a day like today, so heres to you Ashley, I hope you have a good night, and enjoy a weekend off, good job today.


One thought on “I Believe …

  1. Mileta Joe says:

    Ah Rob you are a man after my own heart, I to enjoy a good rum and coke, once in a blue moon. Even better is a glass of my daughter and son-in-laws homemade wine. They have made numerous variteies and I have sipped each and everyone. One of these days I will bring you a bottle that you and Meg can share on a summer night after the girsl are asleep. Keep up the good food stories.

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