A work in progress

ImageImageSometimes I get sick of the saying “Practice Makes Perfect” and would love to be able to get it perfect the first time, but I know that rarely happens. Oh well. It gives me an excuse to try a good recipe again, and again, until I get it just right.

You see, I tried making a fancy cake for the first time the other day, I had a vision of it in my head and knew exactly how I wanted it to look and taste, and then reality sunk in after I finished it. It’s not that it tasted bad, or even looked all that bad, but it wasn’t what I planned on, and I am still chewing it over in my brain. I had never made any of the recipe’s before that went into this cake. It was a yellow buttermilk cake (using real cake flour) and chocolate butter cream frosting, and pink fondant icing. The cake was supposed to be as light as a feather, instead it turned out almost like a pound cake, not that it tasted bad, actually it tasted pretty good, but not what was expected. The chocolate butter cream frosting actually turned out really well despite my almost blowing it by trying to halve the recipe but forgetting half way through that I was halving it. Now the fondant icing I was really, really excited to make, and truth be told, I was quite pleased with my first attempt of it. I always think fondant looks so nice on cakes and silky smooth, and would like to make it for my daughters birthday cakes. It wasn’t as difficult to make as I thought it would be, as far as getting it made, it’s when the rolling out and putting it on the cake things get messed up a bit. I rolled it to thin, put to much powder sugar on the table to roll it out, and only managed to put one hole in it, not to bad an effort all in all.

What I took out of it all though is that I can do it, I just need to practice it a bit more, and that’s really not a bad thing considering it tasted pretty good. I am sure my daughters won’t mind either because they ate about a third of the cake by themselves in two days time, a good sign for birthday cakes to come in the house.


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