Be Brave (and then reward yourself)


ImageWhen I was growing up, my parents did try to get me to eat new foods as most parents do, and like a typical kid, I fought them on it as much as I could. ( I thank God every time we sit down to eat that our girls are not fussy eaters) Now that I am not a kid anymore, I have surprised them on more than one occasion about the food I will eat now. ( In part thanks to my wife, and in part because when you are hungry enough you will eat what’s on your plate) So I hope they are sitting down when they read that I actually tried scallops. You see, I am not the biggest fan of seafood in the world, it’s not that I think it’s gross for people to eat, or it looks awful (some of it looks quite tasty), it’s just not my thing. With this blog though it forces me to go out of my comfort zone a bit in order to keep things juicy for you all to read. So, when I had to cover a luncheon at the Watson Inn and unexpectedly was told I could get a lunch because there was a no show, I wasn’t going to turn it up. Then I found out my plate was to be scallops….. and that’s where my internal dilemma started…. how hungry was I, and how brave was I feeling. I decided that it was the perfect opportunity to try something new for the blog, and not to mention, the plate of food looked great, and then the count down began, I actually closed my eyes for the first bite, and then, to my surprise, found out that what I thought would taste bad, was actually ok. Now, with that said, everyone around me who had the scallops said they were great, and I am sure they probably were, but they just weren’t my thing. I think the fact that I could eat them though says a lot for the dish with me not being a sea food fan. I will say though the baked potatoes that came with the dish were terrific, nice soft, fluffy, not dried out, good flavor, everything a baked potato should be.

Since I was a good boy as my parents would have told me, I decided I could get desert, and I am really glad I did. I picked out a slice of Oreo pie that looked like the biggest piece on the table and sat down to enjoy it. It wasn’t what I was expecting honestly, it was actually better. Most Oreo pies you have are thick, and a bit heavy, not really in a bad way, it’s just how they are made. This Oreo pie had been whipped, and was light, fluffy, creamy and sweet with a good sturdy cookie crust. I was really shocked, to find out that there was a new way to make Oreo pie, and improve on it. 

In conclusion, go forth and be brave, like Dr. Seuss says, if you read with your eyes shut, you never know what you will miss, and be sure to reward yourself after.

Watson Inn Scallops 4 out of 5   Watson Inn Oreo Pie  4.5 out of 5


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