Valentines Day Dinner ( a bit late)


Ok, first, I realize this post is a few days late, but I only cooked the dinner on Sunday because of our work schedules and general life craziness, an

d before you ask, yes, I checked with my wife first that it was ok that I cook the big Valentines Day dinner on Sunday first so I would not get in trouble. (plus I bought her some jewelry earlier in the week for Valentines Day) So with that s

aid, knowing that she was getting a good dinner later in the week it gave her something to look forward to and help her through her week.

I wouldn’t tell her what I was cooking, after being married for a few years there are little surprises left for couples so I cherish them when I get the chance. Knowing how much she likes lobster, and how rarely she gets it ( I won’t eat it, and yes, I have tried it) I had decided ahead of time to shell out and get a live lobster from our grocery store. Never before had I actually cooked a lobster by myself. When I was a kid growing up a uncle of mine would bring them from Long Island and I would play with them with a drumstick I had, but that was a long, long time ago. To go with the lobster I cooked up mashed sweet potatoes, another first time, homemade corn bread, and for desert, a homemade blueberry pie with a homemade flaky pastry dough crust, and yes, that was my first time making a blueberry pie as well. 

Now I realize that most of that stuff is pretty hard to mess up unless you forget a ingredient, like serving the lobster without cooking it, or something like that (my mom once forgot to put in the baking soda into some biscuits and they were so hard we could use them for hockey pucks). But my point is, I never cooking any of that meal before, was still able to pull it off and get kiss and a big smile afterwords from my wife in thanks, not to mention a good laugh when I did plate up the lobster and my youngest daughter said, “look, there’s spiky”. Apparently they named him that while in the other room. So just like life, take a chance sometimes, go big, go daring, you just never know what you might get out of it, and for me, a kiss was well worth the work.




One thought on “Valentines Day Dinner ( a bit late)

  1. Mileta Joe says:

    Rob Master Card has nothing on you when it comes to the lobster picture—-PRICELESS! MJ

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