Peach Cobbler


ImageSo I have a confession to make, I had never, ever had peach cobbler before I went to South Carolina last week. I realize that is probably a sin to some people, but it never was something I felt compelled to try, I was always an apple pie kind of guy, and boy was I stupid. Now it probably helped that I was in the south and peach cobbler is a main stay dessert down there, or maybe it was just that I was really hungry, either way, it was fantastic. The peaches were sweet, juicy, and bold in their flavor, the crust was flaky but not dry, and it was warm, but not burn your mouth hot.

You see, sometimes I can be a chicken when it comes to trying new foods, even if they look terrific. My wife always, well, not always, but sometimes gives me a hard time about it, especially if the kids have to eat you better believe I have to, but it’s not a bad thing really. We only get a short time on this planet, and we should want to experience as much of it as we can, and that especially means food. Now I am not saying go out and eat everything you can lay your hands on (although that is tempting to do sometimes) but you shouldn’t be afraid of food either. I can’t say that means I am going to start eating onions (ugh!) or trying some of the crazy dishes out there, but I will at least consider ordering something other than the usual off the menu, and you should to.

I give the Parris Island Marine Corps Base Peach Cobbler 4 out of 5 peaches.


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