Mmmmm…. Donuts


Let me just get this out of the way, I LOVE Donut Day. Now with that said, I am not talking about Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme, although I do like them, I am talking about those hand made, old fashioned, morsels of soft, moist, so tasty you can’t just eat only 2 or 3 of them and if you’re not careful you might eat 6 or so, donuts that are made at churches and fire companies on Fat Tuesday.

I picked up my dozen around 8:30 this morning from St. Peter’s United Methodist Church and had two gone almost before I left the parking lot. I ate two more a bit later this morning on my way to my first assignment, and have been struggling not to eat any more and have actually given some away so I won’t eat them all myself. Some people might find the taste of them a bit plain, but to me it’s not just about the sweetness of them, but a combination of the moistness in them, the flavor of them, and then the sweetness on top of that.

My grandmother when she was alive used to make old fashioned donuts out of actual potatoes and they were out of this world good, and these are the only kind of donuts that come close. A word to the wise for next year, find a place that is making them and get your order in early because they go quick. I heard a rumor that the Beavertown Fire Company sold out of their 775 dozen the Monday night right before Donut Day, and if that doesn’t tell you how good they are, well, I sure won’t be able to convince you.

I give them 5 out 5 Donuts.


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