Sweet Tea Southern Style


Location….Parris Island….

Mission….Consume mass quantities of Sweet Tea….

Status….In progress

I am writing this currently from my hotel in Beaufort South Carolina while covering the Educators Work Shop at the Parris Island Marine Corp base. It is currently 21:38 and I am coming down off of a incredible sweet tea sugar buzz after consuming 4 and 1/2 glasses of it in a perior of a couple hours.

This is my second trip down here for this workshop, and the first time I came and tasted that nectar from the gods I was hooked, instantly. Ever since that first trip 8 years ago, I couldn’t wait to come back to get my fix. You see, all the sweet teas and iced teas you can get in PA from any store or restaurant just doesn’t compare in not only sweetness, but flavor as well. It can’t just be sweet, it has to have that good tea flavor as well, no if and or buts about it. I don’t know how they do it, lord knows I have tried to duplicate it at home and failed miserably, just ask my wife, but there are no substitutes for real sweet tea brewed fresh in the south.

So with only a couple more days left here, I plan on getting as much of it as I can, to hopefully tide me over until the next time I can get down here for it, although most likely I will probably end up curled up on the plane ride home going through withdrawal symptoms from the lack of sugar in my blood stream. So, South Carolina Sweet Tea gets a 5 out of 5 star rating in my book any day.


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