Would You Like A Turkey Joint?

ImageIf anyone ever asks you that question, your immediate response should be yes please, followed by, may I have two please?

Probably not many people around here know what I am talking about, and a few may be scratching their heads as well. A Turkey Joint is not some delicacy from a turkey that no one knows about, nor is it something that you might smoke late at night on a college campus. Rather, its close to one of my favorite treats I have ever, ever had. Really, I am not sure if it falls into the dessert category or the candy, or if it transcends that all together and is on another, higher level.

I am originally from Central N.Y. which it seems to me, the only place you can find these delicacies. The story goes, or so I am told, that a old lady used to make them in her house, and you had to be lucky enough to catch her at the right time to buy them from her because they went pretty fast. Now they are made commercially, but are still just as good. What are they you ask? Well, I will try and do my best to explain them in a way to do them justice.

Picture this, if you can, a creamy, rich, milk chocolate center, with a few brazil nuts mixed in, then, wrapped in a fairly thin coating of silvery sweet ribbon like candy, about 6 inches long and the thickness of a thumb, and that, is a turkey joint. They are not perfect in appearance, some are a bit knobby, some are straight, some a little thicker than others, but their taste is other worldly with their perfect combination of flavors.

The first time my parents gave these to my wife (fiance at the time) as a gift, she looked at them funny because she thought they were dog treats, and well, she didn’t have a dog. After she tried them, well, lets just say I didn’t get many of them.

So, here is their website, https://www.turkeyjoints.com/catalog/ , go ahead and treat yourself to a jar, today, and if you see me on the street somewhere, feel free to share one, although I wouldn’t blame you one bit if you didn’t. ( I recommend the original variety)



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